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For many addicts, drug and alcohol dependency seems like an unending cycle of pain and misery, and it is very tough to watch a family member, friend, or loved one struggle with the emotional and physical repercussions their abuse. It is a natural impulse to want to help, and do to everything imaginable to get loved ones, family members, or friends healthy, however, again and again, efforts fail and addicts benefit from the help offered in order to continue abusing drugs or alcohol. Members of the family, friends, and loved ones of an addict usually end up realizing that they’re enabling, and no longer helping, and Interventions San Antonio recommends that in those cases it is best to execute an intervention for the addict in hopes that she or he will agree to treatment.


What’s an Intervention?


The best, most powerful strategy for getting an addict to enter a rehabilitation (rehab) program is to stage an intervention. For example, getting a drug addict to agree to enter a program at Drug Rehab San Antonio. Intervention is a counseling approach that encourages the addict to freely enter rehab. It’s managed by an interventionist, and includes the addict, and family members, friends, and loved ones of the addict. In many circumstances, an intervention is used because the addict is unmoved by pleas, opposed to getting therapy, or is unaware of their problem.


What’s the Difference Between an Intervention and Rehab?


Although each is very important for the recovery process, it vital to consider that there is a difference between an intervention and rehab. Intervention is a procedure whereby friends and family persuade a family member, friend, or loved one to agree to enter a rehabilitation treatment facility so that they may be able to defeat their drug or alcohol addiction. Intervention is NOT the same thing as rehab, and may not be enough to make the addict stop using drugs or alcohol. Rehab facilities, like Rehab San Antonio, Texas, educate the addict concerning the illness of drug and alcohol abuse and give them the skills and techniques they will need to manage long term recovery.  For the best probability of success, Interventions San Antonio, Texas suggests that an addict is pushed to go to rehab directly after their intervention.


Who Is the Interventionist?


An interventionist is a qualified professional who plans and leads the intervention. Interventions San Antonio strongly recommends the use of a qualified, accredited interventionist for the most effective experience. Friends and family of the addict are often too concerned about the situation to be able to lead an effective intervention since their feelings, thoughts, and emotions are too upset and flustered to be rational. An interventionist will generally ask friends and family to compose letters or notes to be read to the addict in order to convince them to seek treatment.


Having a deep understanding of the disease of addiction is very important, and plenty of interventionists are actually addicts in recovery. Because of their past, interventionists are excellent communicators with both the addict and the addict’s family members and friends. The Association of Intervention Specialists is a reputable certification for an interventionist to possess, and Intervention Centers in San Antonio recommends using their accredited interventionists. To find an interventionist or to talk with somebody about interventions, call Interventions San Antonio and get in contact with one of their compassionate specialists.


How and When to Act


The nature of drug and alcohol addiction is that it gets people involved with bad influences and situations. Additionally, the likelihood of overdose and ever-worsening decreasing health conditions are concerns to consider when searching for assistance for a loved one.  Interventions San Antonio knows how precarious the life of an addict can be, and recommends organizing an intervention once their problem is recognized. To contact an interventionist, for advice about interventions, and for details regarding drug and alcohol addiction, please contact one of Interventions San Antonio, Texas’ knowledgeable customer service professionals. They are able to help answer any questions or concerns regarding interventions and drug and alcohol addiction in general.